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In Loving Memory of


Gwinn-Dell's Gle Mor Faolan CD, CGC

I held a jewel in my finger -

And went to sleep -

The day was warm,

and winds were prosy -

I said, "Twill Keep" - 


I woke - and chide my honest

fingers -

The gem was gone -

And now, an Amethest

Rememberance -

Is all I own -

Emily Dickinson c. 1861



Faolan, my Heartdog, winning Group 2

Faolan was my special boy.  Pick male from my first litter, he finished his championship quickly, winning many Best of Breeds and a Group 2, during the limited amount of time I showed him as a Special.  A fantastic mover, he loved to show and would fly out at the end of the lead with me running behind him.  As we came up to a judge, on signal, he would leap in the air, often above my head, and come down in a perfect stack!  He excelled in obedience, earning his CD in 3 shows with scores of 195, 195, and 194.5.

He was wonderful with my students and enjoyed visiting my classroom and nuzzling kids, asking to be petted and  kissing teenage faces.  When a drunk neighbor climbed my fence and reached toward me, Faolan rushed between us, showing his teeth, growling deep from within, and escalating into a threatening roar from the depths of his chest.  It was then that I saw the true  meaning of "Gentle when stroked; fierce when provoked."  Faolan was my companion and protector; my best friend.


                                            Brothers and Best Friends (pictured at one year old) 

                                            Gwinn-Dell's Gle Mor Finnegan CD, CGC (left)


                                            Ch. Gwinn-Dell's Gle Mor Faolan CD, CGC (right)


Faolan's Pedigree

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