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                                                                                        Champion Gwinn-Dell's Gle Mor Fear-An Tighe (our first champion from our first IW litter)


We started in Irish Wolfhounds with a rescue in 1980.  I had seen Irish Wolfhounds at dog shows and found them impressive.  My mother had been to Ireland.  A picture taken in front of Tulara castle inspired me to pursue the dream of owning the most magnificent and noble of hounds, the Irish Wolfhound.   Fitzimon, a huge 4 year old male, came into our lives shortly after.  As the cliché' says    . . . the rest is history.


Pup at Tulira

                                Riona & Ceallachan   (MacTire kids)           

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Champion Gwinn-Dell's Killylea MacTire
Our Wolfhounds

 The Rainbow Bridge