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Poco Fella, Nikki, and Hoover

Our Mini Horses


Poco & Isabelle 


Poco Fella

Poco Headstudy

Poco is a 32" registered Miniature Horse.  He is a member of the "Fala Bella" breed, a rare breed from Argentina.  He was 20 inches tall at birth and weighed 23 pounds.  Now 34 years old, Poco and smaller than the Wolfhounds, Poco rules the pasture and enjoys spending most of his time in our yard.  Poco is my favorite horse ever!

HooverHoover Lips

Hoover (named "Hoover Lips" by our farrier,  is Poco's best friend.  He's a large Mini and we first saw him when he came to a Wolfhound match as a 4 month old foal.   He loves to play and loves to carry whatever he can get his mouth on.

Poco, Jess, & Brady

Poco's birth

Poco and Ceallachan

Hoover & Jess (Don's granddaughter)

Nikki AKA "The Little Red Witch" is our latest addition to the Mini horse herd.  A beautiful Mini filly, Nikki adores Hoover and Poco and has fit in well.  She is a clown and quite feisty.  We are very happy to add her to the gang.

Nikki 13 months old and at age 2 years (below)



Our Big Horses

The Herd Winter 2006

Stormie & Comanche

Stormie & Comanche, Happy Times.                                                                                        Misty & Stormie, Winter 2008

Happy Times.  Sadly, we lost Comanche in 2007 from an apparent heart attack.  In the short 18 months he graced our lives, he added much to our family.  We miss him.  My sister's mare, Misty, has come to live with us.  She and Stormie are good friends.                                       Home     Back to Other Family Members Page