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Other Critters @ Gwinn-Dell

(a SMALL sampling)



                                                           Spook & Her Kahtadin X Triplets

                                           Lolita                                                                                                                                                                Chopper

        The Llamas

Our 4 llamas guard the sheep and goats.  With 4, we can cover several pastures and divide the flock.  High Noon takes care of the newborn lambs.  He tenderly checks each one out as it's born.  From then on, they are his.  They cuddle next to him at night, use him as a springboard, and gather around him if they sense danger. 

High Noon, Chula, Sable (and Thumper, Nubian goat)













                                                                                                                                                                    High Noon aka "Nooner"



Zorro Bandito



The Donkeys:  Mikey & Pompass

We bought the donkeys as flock guards to protect our sheep and goats.  They maimed more sheep and goats than the coyotes did!  So much for that idea -- we switched to llamas who are very effective!  We still love the donkeys and they are great with us.  They learned their place when we got the horses and get along well with the other critters now.  .  Mikey is the old guy and in his late 20's now.  He's the brown, light one.  Pompass is about 11 and he's grey.

Pompass & Jessie (Don's granddaughter)

Mikey & Pompass July 18, 2005

   Walking up to the barn   



Mikey & Pompass


Mini Donkeys

Recently two Mini Donkeys joined our herd.  Meet Angel and Daffodil.  They are as sweet as they look!

Mini DonksDaffodil


Pig Boys

Pig Boys

Souey (Chop Souey) and Panda, our Pig Boys

Souie and Panda 

These delightful little guys were our 2008 Christmas present to one another



Rabbits.  It's true what they say about rabbits.  We have hundreds of them!  There is always a new litter -- or 2, or 3, or . . . . 





Our Goats


 Odie (@ the Bridge, killed by a cougar) & Isabelle (Don's granddaughter)


Magic, our Nubian girl peering over the fence.

Our goats Blue, Spider, Satyr, (all at the Bridge) & Magic with Jessalyn, Don's granddaughter



Satyr (at the Bridge)

Mystic, now at the Rainbow Bridge (Magic's mom)






Muskovey Drake

The Resident Noise Makers (Inside & Outside)

A Mini Macaw and a big parrot also share our lives.  Jar Jar and Lolita are known to all who try to carry on a phone conversation with us!  A peach-face lovebird, rounds out the house bird population.

Jar Jar Binks, our Yellow Collared Mini Macaw

Lolita, our Double Yellow Head Amazon

Lionel (now at the Bridge), one of the kitties



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