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 Sheep & Goats


Our Sheep



Katahdin sheep are a hair breed.  That means no shearing!  Quiet and personable, they are the ideal sheep for us.  They come in a variety of colors too!

Splash a 2005 Ewe Lamb

The Rams


The "Herford Boys"

Just Born 





Katahdins Shed!



Sweetie,  Cocoa, Rambo (not a Katahdin!)

  Lambzee, my bummer

Our Goats

Magic (Our Nubian)

High Noon and his Goats Magic (Nubian) , Satyr & Spider (Pygmies), Dandy, Damian & Desi (Nigerian Dwarf)

We breed registered Nigerian Dwarf goats

Desi & her Triplett Kids


Triple trouble!   Three Little Brats 


        Shimmy & Brady                                        Dandy


Not much cuter!                    Dandy                                       Shimmy

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