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In Loving Memory of my Heart-Hound

Good Night Sweet Prince, And Flights of Angels Sing Thee to Thy Rest

Champion Gwinn-Dell's Killylea MacTire

July 26, 1996 - July 22, 2005


     by Dirk Monteny

I'm on my own now
for the very first time
in my life

I feel a force, stronger
than you,
a constant calling
of my name

It's the first few steps
you know,
like learning to walk
all over again

and dont follow me
here Ma,
this soil is too light
for heavy words

I've given all that
I can,
there's nothing more
that I can do


your hearthound has to go
towards that bridge
and beyond

over the colours
and then

I was running
above the darkness
beneath the stars
towards a light

warmer than your hands, Ma
brighter than your smile, Pa

and now I sit here
surrounded by eternity

Oh no, no,
please don't cry
I have company
you all know who,
they are here

So don't worry, Pa
and don't feel sad, Ma
just a darkness away

there is me


"MacTire" AKA "MacT"

(Ch. Gwinn-Dell's Gle Mor Faolan CD, CGC X Ch Noinin Cnoc Caramia Catsmeow)

"Of great size and commanding appearance," MacTire (Mack Terra), was a big, curvey guy who passed this on to his puppies.  MacTire started his career winning  Best in Match at IWCWV in 1999 under Finnish breeder\judge Marku Mahonan (Powderhorn) over 100 + other Wolfhounds.  He won Highest Scoring Dog in Match and Best Stud Dog at this same show.  (His son, Ceallachan won Best Puppy in Match).  MacTire  attained his 2nd major (5 points) taking BOB under breeder judge, Linn Simon (Stoneybrook).  Joel Samaha awarded him "Best Type" at the 2000 IWCWV match and Rosemary Wortman awarded him Best Champion at IWCWV in 2001.  Again, MacTire was Highest Scoring Dog in Trial and Best Stud Dog. "MacT" was shown on a limited basis.  His puppies are following in their dad's pawprints. A bout with pneumonia ended MacT's show career.  Thankfully he recovered and reigned as the king of the Wolfhounds and my "Heart-Hound" for three more wonderful years here at Gwinn-Dell.  I loved him dearly and miss him still. 


2004 Summer

MacTire's Pedigree

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