About us

Our Home

As a child, I dreamed of lots of animals and wanted a home where I could have my dream.  My dream has come true!

We live in the beautiful hills of West Salem, Oregon.  Our ranch is our dream home.  We bought the ranch for our animals in 1997.  When the realtor brought us to the property she told us it had not sold because it had a big barn!  We were in love!  The barn is 350 long and it houses our dreams! 

View from the Top

Looking west from the middle of the back hill

Walking on the west slope in the spring

Our own park!

Egan & MacTire 1997 when we first moved in

The two ponds

Don and MacT, 1997

Egan, 1997

Faolan, 1997 surveying his world

Winter ~ Rare Snow

Typical Oregon Rain

Our 2nd home.  With all the traveling we do to agility trials and shows, the Monaco gets lots of use!


About us